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Milliken’s clarifying agent for PP containers tested by RecyClass

‘Millad® NXTM 8000’ technology is fully compatible with the polypropylene (PP) recycling processes in Europe and poses no recyclability issues, according to the findings of an independent laboratory testing.

This clarifying agent is used in PP containers, to make them transparent similarly to PET, PS, and other optically clear materials. RecyClass approval applies to the technology itself, while the packaging using the technology must adhere to certain conditions[1] to be considered fully compatible with the PP recycling stream. These include the maximum content of the technology of 0,4% compared to the overall packaging weight.

Testing was conducted by Plastics Forming Enterprise, in accordance with the APR PP Critical and Application Guidance protocol[2].

Recyclates generated via recycling of packaging containing this clarifying agent can be used in high-quality applications. In this protocol a concentration limit of 50% is tested.

‘Millad® NXTM 8000’ technology promotes the increased recyclability of packaging. The technology’s compatibility with recycling is yet another step closer to the establishment of a genuine circular economy for plastic packaging.

Download Press Release – 2020-10-13 Press Release – Technology Approval Milliken

[1] Download the Approval letter here:


[2] PRE and APR are part of the Global Plastics Outreach Alliance. Where appropriate and applicable for Europe, RecyClass can approve technologies based on the results of tests conducted via APR protocols.


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RecyClass is a comprehensive cross-industry initiative that works to advance plastic packaging recyclability within Europe. RecyClass assesses recyclability and provides specific recommendations on how to improve packaging design to fit current recycling technologies. Activities within RecyClass include the development of Recyclability Evaluation Protocols and testing of innovative materials. Findings are used to update the RecyClass Design for Recycling guidelines and the online free tool.

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