Process 4 QualityTM

Many of the challenges our clients in plastics packaging and recycling face require an applied Engineering and Technology approach.

PFE applies a systematic approach to moving material and process developments concepts from concept to the plant floor. Other clients need to test existing products or materials confidentially for compliance with specific industry protocols.

Following this process is the key to ensuring accurate and reliable results from our lab and pilot facility.

PFE maintains a fully staffed analytical laboratory and plastic recycling pilot facility to reproduce the plant floor industrial environment. For that reason, PFE can effectively test, evaluate and validate solutions to existing client issues as well as develop new processes.

PFE applies over 35 years of experience of the Materials and Process Development Model to Recycling and Packaging.

1. Define the Challenge

Set the specifications for testing and the checklist required to move forward.

2. Careful Design of Experiment

Confirm all critical factors are accounted for to evaluate the effects produced by conducting the experiments.

3. Technical Communication with Client

Analyze action plan with client to confirm informatio gathered from experiements will accomplish his/her strategic goal.

4. Utilize Lab and Pilot Facility

PFE’s state-of-the-art lab and pilot facility assures an accurate simulation of the commercial environment, and validates the end market affects.

5. Draw Conclusions Based on Results

Having achieved an acceptable simulation, consider conclusions that ensure predictability of the technical and economic performance to increase probability of success.

6. Consider Commercial Development

PFE plays a key role in numerous technology upgrades of existing manufacturing and recycling facilities. PFE is also creating new standards, processes and technologies.

PFE is responding to the needs of Resin Companies, Converters, Brands and Recyclers while providing industry-wide leadership to move economically and environmentally forward.

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PFE establishes lasting business relationships by providing a wide range of Engineering and Technology Services and a thorough understanding of the industry. Performing studies to identify solutions and often avert disasters, and then work with the client to implement the solutions. Many of these relationships involve confidentiality agreements and exchanges of proprietary information.