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PFE Undergoes Expansion and Moves Offices to Merrimack, New Hampshire

Contact: Kristi Hansen

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September 14, 2021                                                                                


Plastics Forming Enterprises, a leader in testing, validation and design for recycling consultation for plastic packaging is announcing the relocation of operations to 6 Continental Boulevard, Merrimack, NH 03054.  Having tripled the number of employees over the last three years, PFE was in need of a physical expansion of similar scale.  At over 13,000 sq. ft., PFE is growing in both capacity and capability, enabling PFE to perform a broader range of testing for clients, more quickly. 

The new testing and processing capabilities can accommodate all packaging types, including: PET bottles and thermoforms, and both rigid and flexible PP and PE-based packaging.  Clients working with PFE will receive a complete assessment of how their packaging performs in the recycling system – from sortation, through to recycling and reprocessing, and performance in end market applications.   To meet the data needs of all clients, PFE has the capability to perform both ISO and ASTM testing.  PFE is a technical supporting partner of the Association of Plastics Recyclers, RecyClass and European PET Bottle Platform, and How2Recycle to help clients meet the requirements of these protocols and certification programs. All of the immediate and planned expansion is happening in direct response to the rapid increase in demand for services in recent years.

In addition to offering a substantial expansion, the move to Merrimack is also meaningful, being the place where the PFE tradition was started more than 40 years ago when founder, Louis Tacito, was tasked with developing a PET recycling process for beverage bottles being returned through the newly implemented state bottle bill system.  His work on recycling while at the CPET Division of the Continental Can Company in Merrimack, would lay the groundwork for the services PFE would eventually offer clients from around the globe.   

“The move is a new chapter for PFE and equips us to continue to support the growing needs of the plastic packaging industry, but is also harkens back to our roots,” notes Kristi Hansen, President of PFE.  “There’s a symbolism about the circularity of bringing the company back home to Continental Blvd. that further reinforces the exciting direction of our growth.”

PFE looks forward to hosting a series of open house events for clients and industry partners as soon as is reasonably safe for both visitors and staff.  For updates on open house events visit, or email    

About Plastics Forming Enterprises

Plastics Forming Enterprises, LLC was founded in 1984 and has played an instrumental role in advancing the recycling industry in North America, and beyond.  PFE has consulted on the development of some of the world’s largest and most innovative PET recycling facilities, associated with over 70% of the U.S. PET processing capacity during the industry’s early growth. PFE has worked with hundreds of clients across the value chain, ranging from resin manufacturers, material converters, recyclers, brand owners and trade groups to ensure products create value in the recycling system.  In addition to driving innovation in PET recycling, PFE offers similar expertise for all commodity resins, in both rigid and flexible packaging.   From supporting the development of testing protocol to demonstrating recyclability and consulting on design for recycling, PFE has had a hand in furthering the recyclability of a significant number of products utilizing the PFE plastics recycling pilot process facility and supporting testing laboratory.