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Plastics Recyclers Europe recognizes Plastics Forming Enterprises as an accredited lab

AMHERST, NH [April 1st, 2021]

Plastics Recyclers Europe, which has developed RecyClass recyclability testing standards, has recognized Plastics Forming Enterprises (PFE),Amherst, New Hampshire, as an accredited laboratory for all four product categories: polyethylene terephthalate rigids, high-density polyethylene rigids, polypropylene rigids and polyethylene flexibles. This makes PFE the first U.S. testing facility to achieve accreditation to perform RecyClass testing as well as the only laboratory in the world to be accredited to perform testing in all four product categories.

A recognized leader in consulting, R&D and recyclability testing in the Americas, PFE has played an instrumental role in developing the prevailing recyclability testing protocols that have been widely adopted in the Americas. PFE has led work with clients to make notable design changes that align packaging with recycling systems, including removing metal springs from pumps and transitioning aerosol cans to all plastic. PFE says its suite of services enables informed design that ensures materials have a chance to be used for many life cycles.   

“We look forward to helping our clientele navigate the testing requirements of RecyClass and offering the services of our pilot operation and complete testing lab on a global scale,” says Kristi Hansen, president of PFE. “With 35-plus years of industry expertise, we have become the only accredited company worldwide to conduct plastic recycling R&D for all Association of Plastics Recyclers (APR), European PET Bottle Platform and RecyClass recycling qualification protocols.”

These protocols are supported by other organizations, such as the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, es una Asociación Civil sin fines de lucro and China Sustainable Plastics Association. 

Companies that work with PFE toward approval to either the Critical Guidance Protocol offered by APR or RecyClass can avoid unnecessary, duplicative testing where possible, saving time and resources for seeking recyclability testing in either market, the company says.  

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About Plastics Forming Enterprises

Plastics Forming Enterprises, LLC was founded in 1984 and has played an instrumental role in advancing the recycling industry in North America, and beyond.  PFE has consulted on the development of some of the world’s largest and most innovative PET recycling facilities, associated with over 70% of the U.S. PET processing capacity during the industry’s early growth. PFE has worked with hundreds of clients across the value chain, ranging from resin manufacturers, material converters, recyclers, brand owners and trade groups to ensure products create value in the recycling system.  In addition to driving innovation in PET recycling, PFE offers similar expertise for all commodity resins, in both rigid and flexible packaging.   From supporting the development of testing protocol to demonstrating recyclability and consulting on design for recycling, PFE has had a hand in furthering the recyclability of a significant number of products utilizing the PFE plastics recycling pilot process facility and supporting testing laboratory.