International Polyolefins Conference

PFE is speaking at this event!

“What it Takes to Meet the Global Standards for Plastics Recycling Challenges”

Kristi, president of PFE, will be reviewing material selection for improved plastics recyclability.  Package design consideration for recyclability needs to be based on the challenges of the plastics recycling industry.  This will allow for better understanding of why these challenges exist with linkage to plastic recycling process overview.  Common contamination of recyclability will be compared to material processing.  Kristi will cover how materials are evaluated through a recycling process and quality material analysis per the most common test methods.  PFE will review a few globally recognized technologies evaluated and recognized by APR and/or RecyClass.  PFE believes testing is the best way to provide accurate and complete technical validation.  The different levels of testing will be reviewed in the industry and the importance of these levels based on the materials being evaluated.  PFE will touch on a few case studies with a focus on color and PCR results.  

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