SPC Engage Montreal

Montreal, Canada

The Sustainable Packaging Coalition will be organizing Virtual Events that will cover some of the topics that were going to be discussed in Montreal this June 2020 and some other topics. 

SPC Engage is  an event focused on exploring a key theme in sustainable packaging and developing actionable takeaways to help drive industry progress.  Following last year’s inaugural Engage events, SPC Engage Minneapolis 19’ and SPC Engage London 19’, the Sustainable Packaging Coalition’s SPC Engage 2020 event in North America will head to Montreal on June 17-18. SPC Engage Montreal will be centered around the theme of Reshaping Possibilities for Plastics, looking at sustainability challenges and opportunities for plastics overall, with a special focus on flexibles and other hard-to-recycle plastics. Through tours, speakers, panels, and hands-on workshops, SPC Engage Montreal will explore what policy, technology and market levers can be pulled to reshape the possibilities for plastics.